About Us

The business philosophy of the firm is to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients while ensuring that our common interest in preserving the environment is enhanced.We listen to our clients and shape our services to meet their needs. Being able to listen and relate to what our clients are really saying is the part that we take the most pride in. We have founded this company to provide client-focused solutions and our focus is on integrity, honesty and care for one another.

XENEX Core Values

  • Integrity / Honesty:

    We provide our clients with our services that achieve their legitimate goals while being completely honest, consistent and fair and not compromising our corporate integrity.

  • Innovation / Cutting edge:

    We will continue to be innovative in all aspects of our business to deliver value and cutting edge solutions.

  • Swift / Resourceful:

    We will continue to respond to our clients’ needs with promptness and will creative and resourceful in overcoming issues and delivering solutions.

XENEX prides itself in providing technical expertise to North American and emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East. XENEX will continue to provide and develop a strong network of associates around the world. Our associates, typically small leading edge consulting firms, assist XENEX in pursuing market opportunities and contribute to project implementation. While providing vital local support to XENEX, this approach has increased local capacity; we view this evolution as XENEX’ contribution to the development of human resources within the emerging economies in which we work.

  • 201- 9225 Leslie Street
    Suite 235
    Richmond Hill ON
    Canada L4B 3H6
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